Great tides this week have allowed for multiple species to be targeted in a short time. Tarpon, snook and redfish are the big three currently in our area. Capturing that coveted slam is very doable this week. Tarpon remain solid off the beach and with the onset of a full moon, more pods of fish are moving northbound. These northbound fish tend to bite better. Usually they move fast and don’t show very well. Anchoring in a lane of travel and keeping fresh baits out can be more effective. Snook are staged up heavy in the passes, and with the right bait and approach, catching them has often been easy. Free-lining grass grunts along jetties and any other structure that might be in the pass often won’t be refused by big snook. A lighter leader such as 25 or 30 pounds is a good idea when the water is super clean, especially on incoming tides. Redfish numbers are strong in north Pinellas. Targeting redfish about two hours into the incoming tide has been effective. Less water on the flats can help you find where the fish are holding before there’s too much water to pattern them. Gold spoons have worked well. Small pinfish will definitely produce some numbers.