Tarpon remain at the top of the list for inshore anglers this week. Post-spawn tarpon are spread out from Egmont to traditional backwater haunts throughout Tampa Bay. This weekend’s good midmorning outgoing tide offers anglers a shot at a hot crab bite. The 90-foot hole at Egmont Key will hold huge number of tarpon and Tarpon anglers. Drift live crabs through the area the fish are holding. Lightly weighting at least one of your crabs helps cover the whole water column. The 90-foot hole isn’t the only place the fish will gather and wait for crabs to flush out, the Skyway bridge, Bean point, Southwest pass and Pass-a-Grille are also good places. Many of the fish that went offshore to spawn on the last full moon have settled into deep backwater spots. Dredge holes around bridges and deep harbors will hold plenty of fish for the summer. Plug-casting for these fish is an effective way to hook-up, single hook swim baits along with a variety of sinking twitch baits will work when the fish are happily rolling. Snook fishing will also be good this weekend. All the inlets along the ICW are holding lots of snook. Target rock jetties and sand shoal drop-offs on the strong part of either the outgoing or incoming tide.

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