Fish Species

Florida fishing is a year round sport with lots of fish species to target. Each month offers it’s own excitement, from sight casting for winter Redfish and Trout in the crystal clear waters of St.Joseph’s Sound to summertime live bait action for Snook and the mighty Tarpon. Below are just a few of the many fish species that can be targeted.

Redfish – Average size; 5 to 8 pounds with fish up to 12 pounds being common during peak seasons. Attributes; This hard fighter is known for its short bursts of speed and it’s ability to change direction on a dime, frequently targeted on the shallow grass flats of Clearwater harbor, requires a long cast and a stealthy approach with sight fishing possibilities. A year round staple with March thru May and October thru December being peak seasons.Fish Species Redfish

Snook – Average size; 7  to 10 pounds with fish over 15 pounds being fairly common. Attributes; Some consider the snook as the perfect game fish, it’s long runs and spectacular aerial displays have this fish at the top of the list for light tackle enthusiasts. A tropical fish that thrives in the heat of the spring and summer months and virtually goes dormant in the winter months.Fish Species Snook

Tarpon – Average size; 80 to 100 pounds with trophy fish of over 150 pounds an every cast possibility. Attributes; Known as the silver king, these giants have it all, long drag blistering runs and high flying leaps, they’re are all you can handle on heavy spinning tackle with fight times ranging from 45 min.  to well over an hour.Tarpon begin their annual migration thru our area sometime in early May and can be targeted through ought the summer until the first cold fronts of fall.Fish Species: Spotted Sea Trout

Spotted Sea Trout – Average size 1 to 3 pounds with an over five pound fish considered a trophy on the west coast. Attributes What these fish lack in size they make up for with spunky attitude and a willingness to take a variety of artificial lures, similar to small mouth bass fishing, these fish stack up in numbers and during certain times of the year and 50 fish days are not uncommon. A year round staple with November thru April being prime season.

Fish Species: Spotted Sea Trout