What’s Hot – onshore winds the past few days have made inshore fishing for snook, trout and redfish the best option. Strong full moon tides have made it possible to work a couple of different patterns  each day.

Find The Mullet – Targeting spoil islands on the lower part of the incoming tide has been producing steady action for redfish and the occasional gator trout. Anchoring upwind of the mullet and working two to three rods with tail-snipped pinfish has helped to locate the redfish.  Keeping a live grass grunt under a float on the outside of your spread will produce the occasional gator trout.

Oyster bars on the high tide – Boomer high tides and some west wind have made for the perfect set up for targeting redfish and snook along oyster mounds on the east-side of the ICW. These small oyster mounds will usually hold a couple of fish and are close enough together that you can work several of them on a high tide. Use either tail snipped pinfish placed on the edge of the bar or smaller silver dollar sized pinfish under a shallow float placed right over the top of the bar.

What Else – Small to medium sized blacktip sharks can be targeted in many of the deeper cuts through ought the ICW.  A good tide, a chum block and some and some wire leader is all you need to turn your redfish morning into a afternoon shark bite. The same tail snipped pinfish fished four to six feet under a small balloon right in your chum slick will give you all the light tackle action you could ask for, especially when nothing else is biting.